Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Pop Rocks: The "Action Food" of the future!

contributed by Kristin M. Zosa Puleo, Culinary Arts Museum Event and Program Coordinator

Hello CAM fans! Remember us? We're still here, and digging our way through our extensive inventory project. After pouring through tens of thousands (hundreds of thousands, even) of objects, books, art, and more than you could ever imagine, the museum is reopening this September, so be ready for us!

If you follow us on Facebook or Twitter, you've probably seen a few notable articles and images that I've come across. Today, I thought I'd take some time away from the counting to give a quick progress report along with today's article of interest.

This morning, in my "Future" envelope, were several issues of the newsletter "Futurific," published in the late 1970s. As you can imagine, the articles predicting what was coming up for the future were quite interesting and amusing. The craziest article I came across was predicting that there would be a floating airport built in Osaka, Japan by 1985. There was even an article about cloud-seeding (how timely for all of the conspiracy theories surrounding Atlanta's last snow/ice storm). Oh, and in 1977, the government was about to tell us all the truth about U.F.O.'s, yet Mulder and Scully were still searching for the truth in the 1990's.

Here, I share with you all an article about "Action Foods," namely, Pop Rocks. Apparently, Pop Rocks went through a testing phase in the Pacific Northwest in 1977, causing much excitement in the children who were eating them, and much fear in the parents of those children, who were worried that their kids' insides would explode from eating the carbonated sugar crystals. Read on, and enjoy! And don't miss the paragraph about the future of gas-causing foods. It is intriguing.