Wednesday, October 7, 2009

October 2009 Weekend of Fire: the recap

"I've seen fire and I've seen rain..."
--James Taylor

Despite the rainy conditions on Saturday, this year's Weekend of Fire was a success.  Mystic Seaport Blacksmith Bill Scheer was unable to operate his forge; however, he did bring along a fine display of his work.  Bill graciously stayed with us for the duration of the event and was available for questions and conversation.

Right on schedule, the wood-fired oven was lit and ready to go for 11 am.  The chefs and culinary students braved the windy, wet weather to feed hundreds of hungry parents and students who were sheltered under a tent.  In total, more than 240 pizzas were served in just three hours - meaning that over 1,920 slices of pizza were consumed!

Inside the museum, our visitation numbers reached record highs.  Close to 800 guests took the opportunity to browse through our exhibits while drying off and warming up.  After stopping in during the afternoon, over 500 students and their family members returned to the museum in the evening for Casino Night, part of Johnson & Wales' Family Weekend festivities.

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