Friday, February 19, 2010

A vegetarian all-American diner! Why not?

Diners have always served the kind of food people want to eat, and there are always vegetarian options on the bill of fare.

Pictured Above: Culinary students Saul A. Hernandez and Meredith Luecker about to deliver their Vegetarian Mini Sliders to their guests.

On February 16, 2010, a group of ten Johnson & Wales culinary students in Chef Elaine Cwynar's class, Vegetarian Cuisine, took on the assignment to prepare a lacto ovo dinner (a vegetarian meal that includes dairy and eggs) for six, using high-quality food presented attractively on the plate.

The menu was to comply with the following parameters: calories between 800 and 1000; protein, 10-35%; fat: 20-35%, with less than 10% saturated fat; carbohydrates, 45-65%.

The students - Jennifer Danaux, Lei Ding, Justin M. Hall, Saul A. Hernandez, Hannah Kimanthi, Stephanie Lip, Meredith Luecker, Ashley R. McCormack, Jacquelyn R. Murphy and Kaitlin M. Russell - came up with the concept of a diner theme, using whole grains and fresh, sustainable and seasonal ingredients in all the dishes.

The Culinary Arts Museum, with its diner exhibit and vast supply of artifacts, supplied authentic mugs, glassware, paper placemats, napkin holders and more to set the stage for an outstanding meal:

Cucumber Lemonade
Fresh, crisp ice-cold lemonade with cucumber juice
Vegetarian Mini Sliders 
Black bean and chickpea patties topped with slices of tomato and red onion and arugula, in a toasted whole grain bun, served with avocado sauce

Tomato Soup with Popcorn Parmesan Crisp
Fresh ripe tomatoes, stewed, simmered and pureed, served with an arugula emulsion 

Potato Slaw
Shredded potato and carrots, tossed with sprouts and herbs, served with an arugula emulsion

Fried "Chicken"
Crispy oven-baked seasoned tofu, breaded in nuts, seeds and oats

Wild Rice Pilaf
A trio of brown rice, wild rice and barley, simmered in vegetable stock, white wine and herbs

Pea Puree and Sauteed Baby Carrots
A smooth and creamy puree of green peas and cream; Sweet baby carrots sauteed with butter and fresh herbs

Cherry-Apricot Yogurt Sundae
Poached dried apricots tossed with fresh cherries, served with sweetened Greek yogurt  

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