Saturday, May 29, 2010

A Tasty Cinco de Mayo Celebration at the Culinary Arts Museum

On Wednesday May 13, 2010, Chef Elaine Cwynar's Vegetarian Cuisine class hosted and served a Cinco de Mayo-themed buffet in the diner area of the museum.

The class consisted of Juniors who are pursuing their degrees in Nutrition.  Vegetarian Cuisine was the first lab class for these students, and the dinner was a fantastic success.

Around forty-five guests were served a wide variety of Mexican foods, all prepared with a vegetarian spin.  Below are the menu and photos from the evening.

WARNING: Do not read on with an empty stomach!!

Vegetarian Cuisine Cinco de Mayo Buffet

Gazpacho (pictured below, left)
A mild cold vegetable soup made with tomatoes, peppers and a Mexican spice blend 
Plantain Soup (pictured below, right)
Puree of fresh plantains served hot with Mexican spices

Ensalada de Naranjas
Refreshing tropical citrus fruit salad with fresh oranges, grapefruits, and starfruit

Stuffed Poblano Peppers (pictured below, left)
Mild poblano peppers stuffed with fresh herbs and summer vegetables

Vegan Tamales with Chili Sauce (pictured below, right)
A vegetarian version of the Mexican classic, served wrapped in corn husks with a spicy chile sauce

Mexican Pizza
Grilled pizzas with a cornbread style crust, assorted toppings, and a black bean mole

Mexican Quinoa (pictured below, left)
Quinoa prepared with fresh peppers and other summer vegetables and Monterey Jack cheese

Roasted Sweet Potato, Squash, and Garlic Mash (pictured below, right)
Mashed sweet potato and butternut squash, with garlic and cayenne pepper

Jicama-Cactus Slaw (pictured below, left)
A refreshing slaw made with jicama and cactus leaves

Mexican Ratatouille (pictured below, right)
Fresh summer vegetables stewed with Mexican herbs and spices

Spicy Black Bean Cakes
Miniature black bean cakes with a kick

Healthy Dark Chocolate Mousse
Rich dark chocolate mousse with fresh made orange cayenne whipped cream and a cayenne cookie

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